One of the things I appreciate about Dream Works and what makes them different is that they don’t just focus on business. They engage themselves in bettering the life of people and even birds around them! Their initiatives, Shelter for Sparrows and Positive Thoughts, go beyond just promoting their business but offer benefits to customers, acquaintances, and environment. This makes Umesh stand out from all the other channel partners; his compassion towards all living things. There are always two types of people you work with; ones that work mechanically and others who have human touch. Umesh and DWR has that human touch that will ensure our long term involvement together.

Hon. Satish Magar

President, CREDAI Maharashtra, Founder, Magarpatta Township Development & Construction Co. Ltd.

DWR has instilled confidence and trust in their operations. A good deal is beneficial for all the involved parties, and the same has been my experience working with Umesh and his team. Clarity, outspokenness, transparency, comfort to involved parties, are some of the most essential skills needed for a businessman and I think Umesh tops the list in these qualities. I am really happy that Umesh, taking time off his extremely busy professional schedule, is working for the betterment of the community through programs such as Positive affirmations. This societal solidarity is very rare and commendable, and makes me proud to be associated with him and his team.

Hon. Shantilal Kataria

Vice President, CREDAI India,, Founder, Aditya Builders

We have been working with Dream Works Realty (I) LLP for many years now. Their approach towards good business & consistency in delivering result-oriented support is commendable. We are happy to be working with Dream Works Realty (I) LLP and hope that this relationship goes on for a very long time.

Mr. Pankaj Ozha

Mr. Pankaj Ozha Ex. Director Solitaire Group

We have been associated with Mr. Umesh Pawar and his firm Dream Works Realty (I) LLP, as a channel partner. His style of work is very different from other groups. His group study the market and what’s the need of the customer and give him the prevail-Age to select the property. As per the market survey he has the capability to sell the project or Commercial units. From our group he is helpful to sale of our property.

Mr. Shyam Shende

Director, Abhinav group

Pune’s Real Estate market is expanding and growing at a very fast rate due to rapid urbanization of the city. Pune is rated as top city for migration from other parts of Maharashtra and country.
During this process, clients need professional expertise to guide them through their decision making process .It’s where Real Estate Consultant like Dream Works Realty play an important role in guiding the clients for Real Estate buying. Dream Works Realty has been working profoundly in Real Estate industry and has provided their services to many such clients. They are associated with us since many years. During these years of association we found them very committed and devoted with their work. We wish them very best.

Dr. Atul Goel

Managing Director, Goel Ganga Group

We’ve been associated with Umesh Pawar of Dream Works Realty (I) LLP for the past six years, and it has always been a special experience to work with him. He is an extraordinary person who has contributed significantly to BramhaCorp. Umesh is well-versed in the sector and is keen to address the needs of the customer in the best way possible. A true professional, and his skill set, especially in selling and negotiating, ranks him among the best. It’s been a joy working with Umesh and Dream Works Realty (I) LLP, and we wish them the best of luck in the future.

Mr. Dinesh Agarwal

Director, BramhaCorp Ltd.

I met Umesh at a casual gathering and connected very naturally. Umesh always cares about his clients, employees, friends, developers, and acquaintances. As a result, Dream Works Realty (I) LLP is all about maintaining good personal and professional relationships. Key to Umesh’s success, I think, is that he always makes time to personally meet or discuss ideas with his Clients and Developers. He doesn’t just work for the money but for relationships. His Shelter for Sparrows initiatives is beautiful and it underlines his drive to provide homes, not just for his clients but for all living beings, such as our dear friend, sparrow. I have adopted this concept and wish that we all can provide adobe for sparrows.

Mr. Dilip Mittal

Director, Mittal Brothers Pvt. Ltd.

It had been a pleasure of associating with Dream Works Realty. During this association, they have been consistently impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication. Dream Works Realty has a deep understanding of the Real Estate market, and they are always up-to-date on the latest trends. If someone is seeking a Real Estate partner who could help them to grow their business DWR is the right choice. They have experience in the commercial Real Estate market and can provide you with the right efforts and solutions.

Mr. Sudarshan Lodha

Co-founder & CEO, Strata

Umesh and DWR are one of the best channel partners. They are extremely customer focused, friendly with their clients, and keep client and developer interest at forefront. My experience of working with DWR has been immensely fulfilling. Umesh was the first person I called when starting my projects. His confidence in our projects and products made me feel like he was my partner in the project.he also works towards the enhancement of our earth and society, including all the flora and fauna as well as animals and birds. I commend DWR and Umesh for thinking about this stuff and making time from doing just business and hep others.

Mr. Sujay Kalele

Founder & CEO, TRU Realty

Dream Works Realty (I) LLP and our brands have been inter-related since the beginning. I remember the early days when Umesh also helped us built our vertical stronger. I have known Umesh for over a decade and I’m constantly fascinated by his journey; from a banker to a realtor and now working towards becoming an excellent lifestyle consultant. I look forward to the long lasting relationship with Umesh and his entire team and respect the work you undertake. One thing that always impresses me about Umesh’s work style is his habit of constantly providing updates regarding realty; such as tips and best practices for a realtor for seamless operations.

Mr. Nikhil Punmiya

Strategic Alliance, Kumar Properties

I have always had a good experience working with DWR. Umesh is a professional businessman with substantial experience in diverse fields. His open and transparent style of work inspires greater level of trust. This is why I have never felt uncertain or worried while dealing with him. His environmental initiatives such as Shelter for Sparrows are extremely important and I appreciate the concept. Now, he’s also providing distressed people a way to change their thoughts through a positive affirmations program. I find his motivation and zeal for societal excellence commendable.

Mr. Gajendra Pawar

Chairman, Pinnacle Groups

Umesh and the entire team of the Dream Works Reality is very hard working. Umesh has developed a good team for operations. They don’t shy away from work; no matter what the task is. Umesh is constantly working towards gaining new customers while maintaining the same level of trust with his existing clients. We have shared healthy references to one another over the years. He maintains great personal relationships, messages periodically to maintain a good relationship without any ego about his success. He makes time for one to one interactions and doesn’t pass off these tasks to his employees.

Mr. Mukesh Yeole

Director, Siddhesh Developers Pvt. Ltd.

DWR is one of the most professional organisations. They represent every one of our projects in Pune. We thank Umesh and his team for exceptional service and business we have done with them. Umesh is a dear friend and excellent professional consultant. Innovative techniques and strategies used by him are great for operations. Their marketing is also unique and brings a smile to customer’s faces. Best of luck and thank you for supporting us for all these years.

Mr. Binay Shrivastava

Strategic Alliance, Kolte Patil Developers

Umesh has been a regular contributor to sales of our projects in Pune region. His professional approach towards meeting the expectations of modern day customers and their constantly evolving needs make him cut above the rest in the  industry. His demeanour, in depth knowledge of the market and skillset that goes beyond traditional selling is commendable. We wish Umesh and Dream Works realty nothing but the best.

Mr. Yogesh Dhoot

CEO of Gera Developements

One of the unique things about Umesh and DWR is their approach to business. They believe in three most important factors for a success of Real Estate business which are; gaining in-depth knowledge about the market and Real Estate scenario, detailed study of customer behaviour and their needs and requirements, and completing deals in such a way that it’s better for both client and the developer. Umesh is extremely friendly with not only developers, but with their staff, developer staff, and also his clients. This is a huge factor behind his success. He personally oversees every aspect of the sales process. This helps in building trust with his customers and developers. His shelter for sparrows initiative is unique and innovative and underlines his understanding of social responsibility. My best wishes and compelled support for Umesh’s all future endeavours.

Mr. Mahesh Saluja

Group VP, Marketing & Sales, Paranjape Developers

Dream Work Realty is a trusted name in Real Estate consultancy. They understand the need of their customers and provide them with proper guidance. Dream work realty is a strong and important link between Real Estate Developers and the property buyers.
Umesh and his team not only keep their work limited to Real Estate Consultancy but also provide necessary information related to Real Estate market through their Magazine ‘Dreams Per Square Feet’ helping in creating awareness about Real Estate market in common people.
I would also like to make special mention about his initiative of “Providing Shelter for Sparrow” which throws light on his social consciousness and we are grateful to Umesh and team that they gave us a chance to be a part of this social initiative.
They are a asset to the Real Estate industry and we are looking forward to continue our collaboration with them.

Mr. Jaatin Suratwwala

MD and Chairman, Suratwwala Business Group

I’ve known Umesh Pawar for a few years now and he appears to me as a very creative and dynamic person in the industry. I came to Real Estate by chance. In fact, my wife chose Real Estate because I used to come home late and she said she didn’t have any family life so, she started a Real Estate brokerage company. From the day she started, my salary was never required from that day.
I worked as a Marketing Executive for five years before she pulled me in the Real Estate sector and then onwards my life changed completely. Both in terms of job satisfaction and money we have always done exceedingly well. Thanks to the Real Estate sector.

Mr. Ravi Varma

Chairman of National Realtors Association (NAR) India

Working with Dream Works Reality has been a very smooth and seamless experience. Their expertise in the field and their professional approach when dealing with clients is what motivates us to maintain continual business relations with them. Throughout our dealings with Dream Works Reality, I can confidently say there were transparency, honesty, and integrity throughout the process. As a developer and promoter, I am elated to say that DWR exceeded my expectations at meeting client requirements and fulfilling any developer’s objectives. I can whole heartedly recommend DWR.

Mr. Vinod Ghanu

Director-Konbil Landmarks LLP

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Umesh and Dream Works Realty team. We found them to be extremely passionate and client focused but yet looks at win-win solution.
Rarely do we find such perseverance in any transaction, as displayed by them during certain high value transaction. Their dedication & presentation and how Umesh leads by example is such a delight.
Looking forward to see them grow exponentially and work together to many more deals with them.

Mr. Prasanth Gopinath

Director-Commercial (BU) Kohinoor

Umesh Pawar, the founder of DWR Is now one of my closest friends. Me, being a realtor, have learned many things from him. He is extremely meticulous when it comes to his work, very direct and outspoken, and has the guts to say No when required. Umesh is very focused, organised, and has assembled his team with great effort and care. One thing I’m completely sure about, is that if Umesh and his team at DWR take on an assignment, they will definitely, 100 % complete it in a good manner. I am happy to be working with him and look forward to contributing to all of his future endeavours.

Mr. Kapil Gandhi

Managing Director, Sigma One Universal