Loan Liability Reducer Program

LLRP is designed for individuals who have been looking for a parallel income source by utilizing their personal network, that too without disrupting their current profession. The term LLRP is associated with your loan liability, which simply means you can plan to foreclose your loan/liability before the tenure period, which is an important aspect of financial planning.
Dream Works Realty (I) LLP is ready to support the individuals who participate in this program as a super realty connector, the job of the Connector is to simply connect potential customers (someone who is looking for a property in Pune for investment or for self-use) to Dream Works Realty (I) LLP’s Advisors who will work on the connected client. In turn, we will pass on the remuneration to the Super Realty connector for the converted sale.

Strategic Partnership 

A Strategic Partnership platform for Barter Deals, Exchange Connects, and Collaborate. We are happy to share another new initiative called Strategic Partnership through this Video. We, Dream Works Realty (I) LLP are a Real Estate Investment & Advisory Company. We started this initiative a few years back.
This initiative is for individual Entrepreneurs or Institutional Players who are into backup businesses for Real Estate. This can be a great Networking Platform for all the Stakeholders of the Real Estate Industry for generating & sharing qualified Referrals without paying any commission or Fees.

Shelter for Sparrow

Sparrows are in danger, they may survive IF WE HELP by ensuring they get the right feed and the ideal nesting place. Ecological responsibility and awareness remain integral to our thoughts of growth. Through this initiative, we show our love for the environment and our surroundings by providing technically correct sparrow-shelters as complimentary gifts. In addition, feeding birds using an in-built feeder helps maintain hygiene, avoids wastage of grains, and gives the birds a continuous supply of feed all through the year.

One Man Business Show

As Warren Buffet says, “Bad news is an investor’s greatest friend.” Meaning that new opportunities are found even in bad times. With the same thought, we have started an initiative, ‘One Man Business Show’. Any educated young individual from Maharashtra wanting to start his business – full-time, part-time, or Work from home – can immensely benefit from
this program. You will get career guidance from real estate industry experts.